Safety is an integral part of our culture at True North Labour. We feel that our strong safety program is a major factor in our success and contributes to a rewarding day at work for our clients and employees.

So, as we work together on construction sites,
we must also work together to create a safe work environment.

This is why at True North Labour we choose to train each worker to be able to identify hazards so they can be eliminated before they become accidents.


This policy applies to all locations of True North Labour and to its subsidiaries.

It is our company’s policy to promote and provide a healthy and safe workplace environment for all assignment employees and
internal staff. Safeguarding them from any work related injury or occupational disease is a top priority and continuing objective.

Management (Owner, Director, Senior Management, Supervisors, Team Leads and, Consultants) of True North Labour is committed to complying with all applicable safety laws and regulations.

Management further believes in making every effort to prevent, reduce and eliminate all workplaces injuries and workplace occupational illnesses through training, investigations and communication.

True North Labour commits to providing an Early and Safe Return to Work Program that meets the legislative requirements and assists injured employees in their early and safe return to work.

As an employee, you are responsible for conducting yourself in a manner that promotes safe working practices by following the established safe work procedures. If any potential hazards are presented that you have not been trained to handle; thus do not proceed and please inform your employer immediately.

Additionally, all employees are encouraged to participate in our Health and Safety Program by bringing forth any suggestions for improving health and safety in the workplace.

It is in everyone’s best interest to include health and safety as part of their daily activities. We sincerely appreciate your co-operation in keeping True North Labour a safe place to work.