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Job Duties Of Hoist Operator: Should I Be Licensed or Certified?

Hoist operating is a manual work which is performed by electrically powered hoist at a tunnel construction shaft. The workers who perform routine manual tasks operating a hoist in lowering raised workers, types of equipment and materials utilized in the construction of sewer tunnels, emphasis is placed on the responsibility for the safe operation of the hoist and safety precautions when loading or unloading passengers, weight or freight. This work involves the performance of the manual labour tasks and direct instructions are received from shift foreman. The hoist operator requires a high school diploma or its equivalent for setting up and operating hoisting machinery. As a hoist operator, a worker must be familiar with standard concepts, practices and procedures of the machinery. Training and certification for the hoist operating can be received from the job and demonstrations. 

The major duties and responsibilities of a hoist operator are as follows:

  • The operator must observe signals and operate the hoist in lowering, raising, moving the materials and equipment at a deep tunnel shaft.
  • Makes daily safety checks of the hoist machinery and its cables
  • Must have a close eye over the hoist operation to avoid any kind of loss.
  • If the hoist operator observes any defect, he must report to the supervisor. 
  • Assists in all dirt from transport in loading or unloading materials.
  • The hoist operator must check the starting and stopping machinery equipment, batteries and charges.
  • Keeps the associated supply, piles rails, boards, rips and air pipe.
  • Must clean the caboose and hoist shacks
  • Answers the telephones and relays messages and performs all tasks as required.

General requirements for the hoist operator that the employer must know is, how the hoist operator must be trained, certified or licensed to avoid any kind of loss. If the operator is certified or a diploma holder there is no danger for the equipment or other losses. He will be capable of understanding all requirements of the machinery.

Hoist operators are responsible to lift and pull loads using the power-operated cable equipment. They move the levers, pedals, stop, start and regulate the speeds of the hoist in the response of bell, buzzer or whistle or any signal or indicator. Knowledge of the hazards and safety measurement is very necessary in the operation of the hoist. The hoist operator must have the ability to understand and execute the oral instructions. The hoist operator also must have the ability to detect the mechanical and operational faults in the hoisting equipment. Sufficient development skills and physical strength are involved to operate proper hoist machinery equipment. Observing the machinery gauges, indicators and hand signals are the basic key of successful hoist operators.

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