Tallest House Tower

Vancouver’s 60-storey building would be world’s Tallest House Tower

World’s Tallest House Tower; As reported on the Vancouver Courier, Rick Gregory, vice president of Henson Developments, turns the conversation upside down when asked about the company’s plans to build a 60-story tower on Nelson Street.

“You can build whatever buildings you want, but the planet is on fire…” the organization told spring open house Courier, before drawing attention to its plan to earn Passive House certification, which they see as a key feature of the proposal. .

Passive House is an international energy supply standard that focuses on creating an airtight structure with high quality windows, super ventilation and good ventilation.

“You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. I think it’s part of a compilation so far. I rent a car every day, I heat my house with natural gas, so they complete their meeting to do my part for the return of a big problem they are facing within themselves.”

“Expectations that we don’t want this to be preachy, but that’s what you look at [work of building according to Passive House practices] and it’s really around you, and it drives this from both my perspective and the company’s point of view.”

Home project for a site at 1059 to 1075 Nelson St. The Thurlow Street corridors in Vancouver’s West End, if approved, will be among the tallest buildings in the city and also promise to be the tallest Passive House tower in the world. Vancouver’s 60-storey building would be world’s Tallest House Tower.  

source: https://constructionlinks.ca/news/vancouvers-proposed-60-storey-building-would-be-worlds-tallest-passive-house-tower/