The Top 5 Reasons Employers Need a Staffing Agency

The talent shortage is now creating problems for employers of all types. It may feel not easy to find skilled assistance quickly for several organizations. It is interesting to suppose that the problem is the absence of expertise on the market, but the competition from other employers also leads to difficulties. It would help if you have every competitive advantage at your disposal while looking for good employees. You can quickly close the recruitment process gaps by partnering with a staffing agency to access quality candidates. As an organization owner, you may wonder if your business should use your employment agency. If you are pursuing direct jobs or temporary talent, collaborations with a reputable employment agency offer many benefits.

Why use STAFFING AGENCIES for businesses?

Employers use the recruiting agencies to hire workers to their teams who help them find job opportunities in their selected field on behalf of their organization. The jobs may be full or part-time, temporary, contractual, or full-time direct hire. True North Labor is a British Columbia work company that provides you with skilled employees. As the most reputed professional company, we offer a wide range of opportunities in several fields. We have the largest recruitment networks in Canada. Our mission is to deliver professionally and ethically complex and creative Construction Recruitment in Vancouver that goes beyond what is anticipated and provides significant added value in terms of priorities, time, and budget. True North Labor is a Vancouver temporary agency that provides employed skilled labor in British Columbia. In addition to helping you handle your temporary job needs, a successful temporary agency has the comprehensive industry experience and knowledge. This knowledge and experience can be a powerful asset to make use of. This practice is becoming increasingly popular with True North Labor, Canada’s most successful temporary staffing company. Such temporary employment agencies are responsible for all permanent staffing functions and have trained, skilled workers ready for work. True North Labor can support your business in several ways. At True North Labor, we have highly educated and qualified workers for businesses. Being one of the leading temporary employment agencies, we combine sophisticated technologies with human engagement to save money, maximize service, and increase your company’s productivity. We use our excellent contract staffing services for versatility and corporate privileges. We offer reliable temporary employment agency services that allow you to create strength without completely absorbing it, support overwhelmed workers during difficult times, and continue moving projects. We do provide our customers with excellent service and efficiency.

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Staffing Agency 


Reduced Costs

The method of recruiting and training is expensive. Businesses create vacancies in print and online media outlets and advertising. The company answers the questions about jobs, collects and reviews summaries, plans, and interviews, reviews candidates, reviews references, and carries out background checks. The workers must be educated and directed. Both these actions remove current workers from their daily duties. The corporation has also to manage payroll, administer tax, be liable for jobs, wages for employees, and any responsibility claims. Both these risks are reduced by the use of a contract staffing agency. The Agency defines the organization’s needs, creates and handles ads, employment, and deals with every aspect of recruiting, embarking, and the human resources process.

Reduce Overtime Pay

The employer may use an engineering staffing agency to bring temporarily employed persons to break the job in busy periods rather than place additional demands on existing permanently employed persons. That saves them time from the explosion of full time and additional payroll expenses for workers.

Increased Productivity

For every position hired, an employers’ Agency does not always have to hire. In general, they have trained staff ready to work with little care until they are screened. In a short time or maybe in a matter of hours or a day or two, if the personnel department positions a suitable employee at your vacancy, you will never need to worry that tasks are not finished on time. And existing workers should not be increased and burdened with extra duties to decrease their productivity.


Staffing agencies place work and flexibility at the fingertips. You may take power into your own hands and choose the tasks you want and reject those you don’t want. Work when and where you can, part-time or full-time, short-term, or long-term. On the other hand, they can also pick your responsibilities. Employers’ needs are decided by recruiting agencies and it’s the best solution.

Save on, Time, And Training 

Training new workers requires substantial time and expenses. It does not make sense to spend money to train someone to cover a couple of months of work. When the contractor’s job is over, the work is over, Also, the employer is provided with people who are prepared to work for them. A temporary agency allows the company to adapt quickly to the demand for peaks without a lengthy and time-consuming recruitment process. If you are searching for the best temporary staffing companies, please feel free to contact us.