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Construction Staffing, A Key Step Before Starting A Project

Construction Project; There has been a significant increase in demand for construction workers in Canada since past few years, however the right workforce is not available for most of the construction projects. This gap of skills vs requirements is getting increased day by day and putting pressure on the hiring people of construction companies. During the times of pandemics and other global recessions such as COVID – 19, construction  labours need more regulations in terms of safety and procedures ; which has created a gap for the training the workforce to work during such pandemics. 

A right staffing strategy is very important for successful completion of a construction project. The workers are considered to be the biggest asset for a project and they can give a competitive edge to the business and help the company in growing its bottom line. These workers have to take care of the construction procedures, need to handle equipment as well as to make sure the safety of the workplace. This applies not only to laborers but to supervisors and senior managers as well, so in the construction sector it is very significant to have a well trained workforce beforehand to start a construction project. 

A well trained workforce which can finish the project on time effectively is a great asset for a construction company. In the construction sector the success of a project is determined on the basis of it’s timely completion as well as through effective communication between the construction company and the client. So it needs to have not only well trained construction labours but also well experienced and effective communicators at levels of supervisors and senior managers. An on time and well delivered project by a construction company is a great source of bringing new business through referrals. So it is vital to have the most skilled and well trained workforce ranging from architects to a labourer.

But on the other side construction staffing is quite an extensive process, if carried out by an in house recruitment team. It does not end on hiring of the staff but the new employees need to be trained on the equipment being used in the company, construction procedures and processes. This puts a great burden on the hiring team to make sure not only to select the right people for the project but also to make sure they are well trained and equipped with the skills required for any particular construction project. This does not end up on hiring and training only, but it goes way beyond how you manage and retain a competent and satisfied workforce. The human resource department in some companies also need to take care of the accommodation of these construction labours, their medical fitness, health insurance, food supplies etc. So it demands a significant level of time and energy in hiring and maintaining an effective workforce for construction companies.

To avoid all of these troubles, hiring and managing the construction workforce; outsourced staffing, has become a norm for most of  the construction companies. It’s not merely filling the positions, but it helps leveraging company’s production by focussing on the key tasks and delivery of the projects rather than getting busy on hiring. It can be carried out in different ways, either you can hire complete staff on each project basis or you can use some of your in house team members and just add on the extra workforce through outsourcing agencies. This trend is getting much popular in hiring temporary labour in Canada through well reputed construction staffing agencies. These temporary staffing agencies take care of all these liabilities related to the construction workforce and provide you with well trained and skilled personnels ready to work on a construction project. The temporary staffing agencies conduct all initial recruiting, screening and interviewing and negotiates the contract with construction workers, providing the workers with necessary training. 

At True North Labour we are committed to provide well trained and highly skilled workforce to construction companies. We have a dedicated team to help construction companies with providing them the well trained workforce. We spend a diligent amount of time on selecting, recruiting and constant training of the construction workforce , so our partners (construction companies) do not need to bother about any of these.