Important Notice to all Employees and Contractors!

True North Labour is now using software that will send you all jobs offers by text messaging.

You must sign up to stay on our updated employee and contractor list!

You will receive an intro text from us either now or within a few days. The only setup you need to do is to reply to that text with the confirmation code included in it.

The text will read:

“Hey it’s Dayton from True North. We’re using CrewDriverApp to send work offers. Please confirm you have received this message by texting back this confirmation:  TRUE 00000 YES (please note those are zeroes):

Important: You won’t receive as much work offers unless you text back and receive the confirmation message.

After that you will get a confirmation that you are now signed onto the system and working with True North Labour.

  “Thanks! We’re now able to send you work offers.”

Now you will need more information to learn the new system and to use it properly so text back: TRUE 11111 YOUR@EMAIL.COM (replacing YOUR@EMAIL.COM with your actual email):

Reply with your real email address TRUE 11111 (name)@(host domain).com

For Example : TRUE 11111

I’d suggest, putting the contact numbers you’re receiving the texts from into your address book under CrewDriver. There’ll be a few numbers which send work offers, but only one that sends the confirmation messages. It’ll be easier if you save these numbers as separate contacts listed in your phone address book.

If you get stuck with these instructions call in for assistance.

Thank you from TRUE NORTH LABOUR

Welcome to CrewDriver!

TRUE NORTH is rolling out a better communication tool for our employees and our clients.

This phone tool will allow you to accept work offers via a text messages you will receive that is sent by TRUE NORTH LABOUR though the CrewDriver technology.

TRUE NORTH is requesting all employees to sign up for the service. This is at no charge or fee for you, our employee.

In the very near future this will be the only way for you to accept work offers from TRUE NORTH LABOUR is by using the CrewDriver text.

Why are we doing this?

True North Labour messages will be sent between 8am and 10pm, unless it’s an emergency.

  1. Only YOU can confirm a shift. It must come from your phone, True North will not be able to place you without you responding by texting A YES back to the message.
  2. Send in a the  “YES” text , and we respond within a few minutes, no matter what.
  3. You’ll get a confirmation for every shift you’re scheduled for. No confirmation message? No shift.
  4. If you can’t be confirmed for a shift, you’ll get a message telling you why.
  5. Removed from a shift or a shift is cancelled? We’ll automatically send a notification.
  6. We will never try and double book you at the same company at the same time (only your employer can override this).
  7. The faster you respond, the more shifts you will receive.
  8. Work offers come from a few phone numbers, but you cannot phone these phone numbers back. They are automated and generated by our system. Please save these phone numbers as “contacts” on your phone as TNL OFFERS
  9.  HOWEVER All “confirmations” come from a single number. We suggest saving “Offers” phone numbers under the name “Offers” and “Confirmations” saved separately on your phone as another contact.
  10. You can always notify the system you’ve changed your mind by sending in a different answer. Unless the job has been filled then you will need to contact your coordinator directly.

What are these “work offers”?

You’ll get TRUE NORTH job offers on your phone via text message (you should have already received a text and responded if you’re reading this). They originate from the TRUE NORTH LABOUR and are created by the labour coordinator there.

UP to now you have been phoned or or emailed when work is available. That will no longer happen.

Now those job offers will arrive in a simple text, allowing you to easily accept or decline the offers. Below is an example:

Work Offer Example:

Where: Vancouver Convention Centre

ABOUT: casual labour -moving boxes

Respond to text message With:

TRUE 3171 YES or TRUE 3171 NO

Breakdown of your message

3171 is the shift number ( please note It will be a different  shift number for every job offer you are sent. )

TRUE is our company code.

You must include the company name – TRUE and the shift code- 3171 in your text response, or else we won’t know which shift to book you for.

A coordinator from your company will send you an offer shortly. If you’re interested in accepting the work in the offer, please respond to it with the “accept” code.

How do I accept a work offer?

If you were to accept the work offer above, respond with:
Want to turn it down? Send in:
TRUE 3171 NO
If you accept an offer, within minutes, you will receive a text stating that you’ve been booked for the shift! It’s that simple.

Questions often asked:

I sent in a YES response and I didn’t get a message in return. What happened?

It’s possible your cell carrier dropped the message. If you resend your last message it will trigger the system to try and resend your confirmation.

I sent in the wrong response! Can I change it? Or can I change my mind?

Yes. You can change your response before the call closes. Just send us a second text message and the software will attempt to make you change for you.

I sent in a NO response. Will I receive a message in return?

Nope, if everything went correctly, we won’t send you a response

What else?

Most importantly, we all want this to work well for you.  We always will take your phone call. If you need help with the software, if you want to make suggestions on how to improve it. Call us. If we’re not available leave a message, we’ll call you back asap.