At True North Labour, we place incredible importance on safety. For workers who spend a significant portion of their time on the job on scaffolding or operating heavy machinery, safety is paramount to their ability to work. Due to our commitment to safety, True North has opened up True North Safety. We’re proud to announce our comprehensive list of training courses, dedicated to helping workers learn the skills needed in order to succeed in the workplace. Through these courses, you can expand your skillset and gain the ability to create a secure, productive working environment for you and everyone around you. Learn how to operate machinery such as forklifts and loaders, how to safely work in hazardous situations, and how to perform first aid in case of workplace injury.

The best part of these classes? They’re open to everybody – no matter which industry you come from! No matter if you’re fresh on the market, or if you’re a veteran worker looking to expand your skillset, as long as you’re willing to learn something new, True North Safety is willing to provide.

For more information about the courses we offer, please contact us.

Take a look at some of our students in training!

Our Commitment

At True North Labour, we believe that each and every worker in the job market deserves the chance to become the best that they possibly can be. Since we were founded on the mission of becoming the best skilled worker agency in the country, we strive to attend to the needs of our people by providing them with the necessary training and care they need in order to succeed in the workplace. By enhancing each worker’s skillset and sending them into the workplace properly trained, we can ask for the competitive wages that their skills deserve, allowing them to earn more. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been with us for a week or a year, each worker that passes through our doors receives the genuine care that True North Labour is known for.

As a client, when you request workers from True North Labour, you know that you are receiving quality, diligence, and skill. Upon requesting help, each worker that is sent to your site is guaranteed to be on-time, on-task, and properly trained for the job. No longer will you have to deal with hiring workers that are not up to the task or that won’t show up at all. With our service, all you need to do is send in a request and our workers will show up at your site, ready for work. We’ll take care of the process and paperwork for hiring, screening, training, and paying for the workers you need. It’s convenience, efficiency, and quality delivered to you all at once.

True North Labour is BC’s premier skilled worker agency. Bringing quality workers and safety training across the Lower Mainland, we provide BC with a workforce that is true to our values of genuine care for our workers and true to our commitment of excellence.