Today, True North Labour is proud to present our new website. We believe that a quality agency deserves a world-class website to showcase our values. Whether you’re a worker or partner firm, our new website is clean and accessible – it’s the place to be. Meet each of our staff members, so that you can get to know the people who you’ll be working and connecting with. As a worker: easily find and apply for jobs that suit you and your particular skillset and start earning the paychecks you deserve. As a client: hire the help you need for your projects and you’ll be supplied immediately with workers that know the ins and outs of construction, ready to begin at a moment’s notice.

True North Labour is setting the new standard. We welcome everyone through our doors and look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

Visit our new website here.

A little bit about us…

True North Labour was founded with the vision of becoming the best skilled worker agency in Vancouver. Our goal is to help match skilled workers and match them with the jobs suited to their unique set of skills. With superior workers, we aim to raise the standards of labour in Vancouver so that our workers can earn the higher paychecks they deserve and our clients are provided with the reliable skill that they need for their projects.

In order to supply the job market with the skilled workers our vision requires, True North Labour offers education for those who need it. Open to everyone, these courses are meant to supply you with the knowledge you need in order to succeed in the workplace. Whether you’re a veteran worker looking to shore up your weaknesses, or a brand new worker stepping through our doors for the first time, there is something for you here. We welcome everyone. So long as you’re willing to learn, we are willing to provide you with the education you need.

As a company, True North Labour mandates that we keep track of the well-being of each of our workers. This is what makes us stand out from the rest of the competition and makes us so reliable to our clients. We support our employees by offering them the fair compensation that their skill deserves. Since we thoroughly screen and train our workers, any worker hired from our ranks is guaranteed to be up to the task, delivering on any project you require of them with all the diligence and efficiency that our reputation demands.

At our agency, we foster an environment that fosters success and well-being. Whether you’re looking for work or workers, you can be sure that True North Labour is the agency for all your needs.